Monday, August 11, 2008

Curiouser and Curiouser

Wow, in keeping with my apparent desire to read across Scotland... Just kidding. I only just realized that Craig Russell and Stuart MacBride are both from Scotland. Interesting because Russell's current series takes place in Hamburg. 

I think I already posted about the books I came home with from NYC, but in case I didn't, Craig Russell was a great rec that I received at The Mysterious Bookshop in NYC, and one of the books had a blurb from Mo Hayder, how cool!

I did manage to finish Breaking Dawn last night. I only had about an hour's worth of the book left! Blood Eagle and it's companion, Brother Grimm, have been in my stack to read since that trip in June. I ordered book 3, Eternal, as well and figured that I should read at least the first book before that one comes in, right? 

I'm not too far into it just yet - one body (which is a second) has been discovered and I have a feeling another will shortly. About a quarter in - lots of reading planned for this evening : )

Anyway, I'll tell you more about the book once I've finished. I was curious, though, about the fact that there seems to be another UK fan in Boulder - this person has no qualms about parting with their books because I keep coming across them at The Bookworm. First off, I am really curious as to who this person is. I mean maybe they have a whole cache of favorites they could recommend to me (and you all know how much I would love that!), but the other thing that got me curious is the fact that they are trading them in at the used bookstore. These imports are not cheap! Blood Eagle cost me $20 and it's a mass market. Granted, Cynthia at High Crimes seems to be able to get them in a little cheaper. I think Eternal is costing me $15. 

Anyway, you see what I'm saying. I can't recall the actual price in the books - they're pretty beat up and I prefer mine in better shape, even used. I suspect they're not pricing them according to import prices though. I mean the trade-in credit would be $10 on what they see as a mm paperback - and the purchase price would be such as well, compared to the $3.50 that most books go for there. 

It just makes me wonder. Ah, well. Back to work so that I can throw myself into Jan Fabel's investigation later with no guilt.

Oh, and if you're a BBC fan (no surprise that I am, right?) I did watch the premier episode of Primeval this weekend. It has the same cheesy effects as the rest of the BBC shows, but the story is pretty interesting. I find that the longer I watch, the easier it is for me to get past the effects. Jekyll was another great one (one season only and out on DVD) if you're a big tv watcher. 

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