Friday, August 8, 2008

Boy, I am Tired!

Not much to say this morning. Am heading into the office again and will be spending my day researching other potential cookbooks. I'm totally beat thanks to our sitting down to watch National Treasure II when I knew I should be reading or sleeping! I finally crashed at 2am only to wake up the requisite 3 times in 5 hours.

I did manage to start Breaking Dawn last night. Another bad idea considering the fact that I had to be up this morning! Not too far into it just yet. I'm hoping that between my lack of sleep and Pineapple Express I can squeeze in most of the book this evening.

I'm super excited about it even though I've been reading a ton of mixed reviews. It's kind of sad really. Anytime a book is this highly anticipated, someone is always complaining. It happened with HP 7, I distinctly remember people criticizing the end. I also remember people complaining about Stephen King's final Dark Tower book, a series that I absolutely love to death. In both cases I thought the endings were fine. In fact, in Steve's case, I thought the ending was the absolute most perfect ending I had ever read - the only way to possibly end such an epic series.

I don't think that I'll have any complaints about Dawn. All of my sisters have read it (well, they did have a whole week to start before I did!). None of them has complained about it. I'm anxious to see everything wrapped up. I've joined the bandwagon and become a Stephenie Meyer fan. I think this happened as soon as I started reading The Host (my first of hers). I thought it was a very unique book - not a true sci-fi although there are aliens. It had romance elements, but it was so much more than you can easily categorize. Of course the Twilight saga is very much a teen romance series. I love being able to lose myself for a little while in Bella and Edward's world, and that's really, for me, the best thing you can get from a really good book!

In response to some of the things that I have read recently about BD, like I said, someone is always going to complain. I've purposely avoided reading Twilight reviews. I've decided not to review them myself, at least for now. I feel that the market is probably saturated with them and even with all the hype my sisters managed to keep everything a secret from me. All I knew going in was that it was a teen vampire romance. That's all. I was a little surprised that I was able to go into it with no real expectations thanks to that and I think anyone else who decides to pick the books up and try them should have the same advantage.

*Soapbox time*

There, you have a warning, but I'll keep it short.

I will say this, I take issue with people who are overly critical of books to which they are not the intended audience. I don't like it one bit when adults come in and tear apart a beloved teen or kid's book. It's really not fair. You can say that amongst the millions of readers out there, you were not a fan. That's perfectly fine. I really just don't like it when people start talking about how unrealistic it is (um, vampires, that's all I have to say) or that it's too simplistic (teens for the most part are not looking for deep, thought-provoking social commentary, although I wouldn't say that there isn't anything thought provoking about the books). The worst one I heard, and I will keep it to myself, was a very ADULT complaint. It had no place even being mentioned in terms of a teen book in my opinion.

Anything that gets kids this excited about a book is a good thing to me and adults who don't like it should just quietly step aside and allow the teens to enjoy it for what it is.

Ok, I'm done. Off to work now!

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Anonymous said...

Not reading the BREAKING DAWN part...lol! But I caught the National Treasure II. Hope you like it better than I did. I wasn't impressed whatsoever. :(