Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: If You Like British TV

I've decided to jump on board with Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week the topic is: Top Ten Books if You Like... and I've chosen British TV.

I haven't had the chance to do TTT for a while but this was a topic that I just could not skip considering it's one I've been planning to do a post on myself. I watch a lot of British TV. A lot! And when each season ends I find myself craving more. I'd been planning to do a post on Broadchurch and then the recent end of Ripper Street left me wanting to do one on that. When this topic popped up it seemed like a great opportunity to roll them into one - with some others included. Here goes:

1. If you like Broadchurch you should read: The Guilty One by Lisa Ballantyne - like Broadchurch this one involves the death of a child. Unlike Broadchurch, however, there is an immediate suspect here. It's completely fantastic and definitely edge of your seat. Highly recommended.

2. If you like Ripper Street you should read: The Yard by Alex Grecian - while Ripper Street is a historical series based around the Fleet Street police (the same division that investigated much of the Ripper murders), Grecian's new series focuses on Scotland Yard's Murder Squad, created after the Ripper Murders!

3. If you like Hex you should read: this was essentially a UK Buffy so there are a ton of books I could recommend, I'm going to go with Lilith Saintcrow's Dante Valentine series, though. I adored this series for so many reasons and would love for everyone to read it.

4. If you like The Fades you should read: this was such an incredibly cool series. I don't know if it's done for good but there was just one season. Go out and rent it if you can. For this one I'm going to suggest Darynda Jones's Darklight trilogy.

5. If you like Survivors you should read: Ah! Another series I adored that seems to be done. It's a post viral apocalypse series. I'll go with White Horse by Alex Adams here. While Survivors is definitely an ensemble drama, White Horse is a super cool viral apocalypse story and one that I think will include more characters in books to come.

6. If you like The Bletchley Circle you should read: This one was a little hard. The series features a group of WWII code breakers - post war - investigating various crimes. Right off hand the best I'm coming up with is Charles Todd's Bess Crawford series, because it features a strong female character investigating various crimes. It is a different time period but I've yet to come across anything exactly like Bletchley.

7. If you like Being Human you should read: First, please, please do yourself a favor and watch the BBC Being Human. The Syfy one doesn't even compare. I'm sure there's something more fitting but I'm going to to with the Engelsfors Trilogy by Mats Strandberg and Sara B. Elfgren. This teen trilogy does focus on teen witches who are trying to maintain normal lives while also preventing an apocalypse. Aside from the various plots going on in Being Human the biggest theme is simply being human so I think that makes the Engelsfors books a good match.

8. If you like Sherlock you should read: Obviously the best suggestion is classic Sherlock Holmes. I'll stretch it a little and suggest the Pendergast series by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. There's definitely more of a science/paranormal slant to these but Pendergast is so very based on Sherlock Holmes!

9. If you like Downton Abbey you should read: Of all the Downton-esque titles hitting shelves my favorite so far has been the reissued Passing Bells trilogy by Phillip Rock. There's more of a focus on the war in this trilogy but overall the characters and upstairs/downstairs story lines are very similar to Downton Abbey.

10. My last one is a bit of a catch all with a few UK shows that have been based on books: The Secret of Crickley Hall adapted from the book by James Herbert, the forthcoming Intruders based on the book by Michael Marshall Smith, Endeavour the prequel series based on Inspector Morse series by Colin Dexter, Case Histories based on Kate Atkinson's books, and Call the Midwife based on Jennifer Worth's memoirs


Stephanie said...

I thought I was a huge British TV nerd but you've pulled out several that I don't know! Now I have lots of shows AND books to explore!

Anonymous said...

What a great concept for the list! Definitely need to look into some of those, tv and books both!