Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spin by Catherine McKenzie

By now you all know that I'm a HUGE fangirl for Catherine McKenzie's work. Ever since Spin hit shelves here in the States in 2012 (actually, her first three books were all released here in the States in 2012 and her fourth, Hidden, released just this month).

When Spin released, I hosted an interview with McKenzie, which you can see here. Somehow, though, I did not end up posting an actual review of the book here on the blog (I did review it for Bookbitch.com at the time). With the novella follow up to Spin - Spun - releasing in just two weeks I thought now was as good a time as any to introduce you to that fabulous debut!

When Kate Sandford blows the job of a lifetime by showing up massively hung over at her interview with The Line magazine, she's sure she's done for. Fortunately for Kate, the magazine is willing to give her a second shot. The catch -- Kate has to go undercover in rehab and report on Amber Sheppard, the latest IT girl to gain notoriety for her drug abuse and crazy antics. Thirty days in rehab seems doable, especially if it means landing her dream job, but when Kate begins to really get to know Amber she starts to have serious doubts about completing the assignment. 

Spin is a super fun read. While the idea of alcoholism and rehab is quite serious, McKenzie handles her subject very well, keeping the book light and entertaining while never belittling the actual issue. It's a nice balance that works quite well.

McKenzie actually had a poll on which of her books readers would like to see a sequel to and it seems Spin won. I absolutely adored the characters in Spin and really can't tell you how excited I am to return to them. Spun will see us return to Amber's story.

Spun is due out April 29. Be sure to check back here on May 1 when I'll be posting my review as well as offering up an e copy of Spin (for Kindle) to one lucky reader! In the meantime, all of Catherine McKenzie's earlier titles (Spin, Arranged, and Forgotten) are available in all e formats for just $1.99 through April 28th.


April @ My Shelf Confessions said...

I haven't heard of Spin before but I'm super intrigued! That would be quite the moral battle to fight - to accept an assignment like that.. and then once you get to know the real person and/or circumstances.. whether to go through with it.

CLM said...

I am also a big fan of this author. Thanks for the alert about her new book.