Friday, April 25, 2014

More Pax Arcana shorts by Elliott James

Some of you might remember my review of Elliott James's super fantabulous Charming and you may have even checked out my post on the first round of James's series tie in shorts. Well there are more! (If you haven't read any of these, no worries - there are no spoilers and newbies can jump in with any one of them at any time!)

"Surreal Estate" finds our Charming caught in a strange web after a search for a new home leaves him on guard. The somewhat shocking number of available properties is a sure sign that something fishy is going on and before long John is trapped in a literal house of horrors.

It's been a while since I read the first three stories and I have loved them all but I do think that "Surreal Estate" might just be my favorite of these so far. A being with an unusual ability makes it hard for John to determine what's real and what isn't in this tale. It makes the whole thing that much more fun in my humble opinion!

In "Dog-Gone" a plea for help from the other side has John traveling back to Alaska where a local cop has become entangled in an investigation with suspiciously magical elements. 

This particular tale delves just a tiny bit more into John's own past, which is a welcome thing indeed. John Charming is an intriguing character and I'll take as many tid bits as I can get!

Again readers can jump in at any time. These great shorts offer a perfect taste of what's in store for you with the series - great world building, a truly excellent mythos, and a character I really do dare you not to fall in love with. Each story is super short and super affordable but also offer a sample of Charming as well. James's second full-length Pax Arcana release, Daring, is due out this Fall.

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