Monday, April 7, 2014

Beach Blanket Bloodbath by Mark Henry

Happy release day, Mark Henry! And it's a welcome return to Amanda Feral indeed!

A few notes before I begin: First, as this is the official launch day, Mark has a ton of fun stuff planned. Check out the Beach Blanket Blowout page over on Facebook for that. My second note, this is technically the fourth Amanda Feral adventure but it is also the start of a new trilogy of stories, too. I do highly recommend reading the first three books if you can find them, but you won't be totally confused if you don't (you'll just have missed out on the previous fun).

Amanda, Wendy, and Gil are back and they're off on an epic road trip (another epic road trip). When another of the walking dead steals Wendy's stash (Wendy is now a drug lord), she drags Amanda and Gil along on a retrieval mission. But they have a few things to take care of along the way. 

Their first stop is the tiny town of Las Felicitas where Amanda has a scheduled book tour event. On their way the group manages to piss off a group of evil male strippers called The Golden Boys. (Considering Amanda snacked on one of their own...) With the Boys in their tail, they pull into Las Felicitas just in time to attend the local Miss Sand Flea pageant and witness the odd and brutal murder of its winner. Now it's up to Amanda and friends to find the murderer or risk the wrath of Las Felicitas's local bookstore owner. 

Readers, if you're not familiar with Mark Henry or his Amanda Feral series, I should probably warn you about the fairly raunchy content. But if dark humor, snark, and smut are up your alley then you'll want to add Beach Blanket Bloodbath to the top of your reading list.

Here you have the wit and sarcasm we've all come to love in our zombie fashionista heroine and her cohorts, but you have the added bonus of weresharks (and, um, wereshark sex). It's weird to the extreme, I'll admit, but it's also laugh out loud hilarious - the kind you feel a little guilty about later.

And yes, this is the first in a new trilogy. The road trip will continue in A Night to Dismember and Ship of Ghouls, which means way more fun to come!

Rating: 4/5

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April @ My Shelf Confessions said...

I haven't ever heard of this series or author but it sounds epic and hilarious and awesome! I'm definitely going to add the books to my to-read list because sometimes we need those guilty pleasure books!

I love when I stumble on new stuff I haven't seen everywhere else! Thanks!