Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hidden by Catherine McKenzie

Happy book birthday to Catherine McKenzie! Readers, I've been looking forward to the release of Hidden for what feels like ages and now it's finally here!

Jeff Manning has died, leaving behind not one but two grief stricken women. Claire, his wife, is shocked when the police arrive on her doorstep with news of Jeff's death. Her family rallies to support her but nothing can truly calm the young widow. Tish lives 500 miles away and has always wondered how she'd find out if something happened to Jeff. Her worst fears are confirmed when she hears the news upon arriving at work the Monday following the accident. 

Hidden is told through three viewpoints - Clair and Tish, obviously, but also Jeff. Chapters alternate between the three providing the readers a glimpse inside all three characters' lives, their families, how they got to where they are presently, and the building of the two relationships.

Unlike McKenzie's previous three titles (Spin, Arranged, and Forgotten) there's very little humor in Hidden. It's still about family and relationships, featuring the same honest and emotional style of the previous three, just with a more serious tone than the prior releases. It was a bit of a heart wrenching read, to be quite honest.

Hidden is all of the best things I've come to love about McKenzie's work and I really can't recommend her highly enough!

Rating: 5/5

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