Friday, December 20, 2013

The Creature Department by Robert Paul Weston

This'll be a short one today mostly because I have a lot of catching up to do in the wake of my impromptu trip this past week. Christmas is right around the corner and we have family coming in through New Year so things will be crazy, crazy on my end. Which means it was the perfect time to dive into some kids books!

In all the years that Elliot's uncle has worked for DENKi-3000 he's never offered his nephew a tour around the place. Until now. Archie invites Elliot and new-girl-in-town Leslie to visit the facility, giving the two kids a chance to see something no one has ever seen before: the Creature Department. But DENKi-3000 is on the brink of closure, which means the creatures who man the department are at risk. If the department can't come up with something truly, wonderfully magnificent, it could mean the end for them. 

This latest from Robert Paul Weston (my first time reading him) is a fun middle grade read that even us older folks can appreciate. It's filled with fabulous illustrations and design elements by Zack Lydon, a fun addition to the overall quirky and cute story.

Weston really brings the setting and characters/creatures to life in this tale! With the added bonus of the illustrations, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a reader who isn't charmed by this book.

The really cool thing, though, is the pairing with Framestore on this project. The effects studio has contributed to films like Gravity, Where the Wild Things Are, and the upcoming Secret Life of Walter Mitty, just to name a few. And they've helped create The Creature Department site as well. I definitely recommend checking it out!

Since the holidays are upon us and The Creature Department only just released last month, I do have to say that if you're looking for a last minute gift for a middle grade reader who likes adventure stories, this book would be high on my suggestions list :)

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