Thursday, August 1, 2013

What I'm Reading: A Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin

Book 5! That's right, I'm going for book 5! I realize this means that I'll now only have the short stories to tide me over until the next season of the show comes on and until that day, far, far away when we'll get book 6 :)

I kid. It takes however long it takes. I'm sure I'll find something to curb my withdrawal symptoms.

So rather than do a review this time around, this is my Dance With Dragons post. It's too hard this far down the line to avoid massive spoilers for anyone who's not gotten this far or for anyone who's following the show (which has just gotten halfway through the third book).

What I will say is that this book begins around the same point as book four, A Feast for Crows. Something I didn't initially realize. At least not until character x showed up at place y when I knew very well that he was already way out in place z thanks to what happened in Feast. Then I remembered that in the afterword of Feast Martin mentioned that these two books were originally one and that for practical purposes the book was split, not in terms of overall story but by character. So all the characters that were missing from Feast are here in Dance. Which is whew 'cause I needed some serious Tyrion time.

Winter is still on its way and those dragons are getting much bigger. You can of course expect more political backstabbing, war planning, spying and manipulating, and all the other good stuff we've come to love about this series in this installment. In other words, it's another 959 pages of epic excellence. I'm not yet halfway through (I planned it that way, to keep myself busy this week) and I'm pretty much dying to get back to it any time I have to set it down!

So yeah, that's what I'm reading. (It'll be a five star!)

A few things for you, if you've been waiting for this one in paperback, it'll be out on October 29. And if you like podcasts and strangely don't already listen to The Nerdist, George R. R. Martin was their guest recently. You can listen to that here.

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Greg said...

Ah, Dance with Dragons. I'm reading it a second time and am about halfway through, too. It's so good but there are some oh @#$% moments just like in book 3. And yes, good to get back to Tyrion and the others. Tyrion goes through a lot in this book!