Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Don't Look Now by Michelle Gagnon

Happy book birthday to Michelle Gagnon! Don't Look Now, the follow up to last year's Don't Turn Around, is out on shelves today! If you've not yet read Don't Turn Around, you'll want to skip this post for possible spoilers. No worries, though, I've posted a review of the first Persefone book here :)

Don't Look Now picks up shortly after the end of Don't Turn Around. Noa now leads an army of teens in an attempt to break down the company behind Project Persephone. With Peter's help, they've hacked the company's system and have begun infiltrating their labs. With each new raid they've managed to save more and more teens from the fate Pike & Dolan has in store for them. And as word on the street spreads, targets for the project are becoming scarce. For Noa and the others, this is progress but they won't stop until the project ends.

Michelle Gagnon's Persefone series is an absolute must read for any action junkie! From the very first pages, this series is explosively intense and exciting. This second of the series matches pace with the series debut, Dont' Turn Around, drawing readers in with a smart plot that keeps you guessing and characters you can really root for.

I love how the action progresses in the series so far. There is so far very little explanation about PEMA, Pike & Dolan, and Project Persephone, though we do know the ultimate goal seems to be a cure for PEMA, this mysterious illness that affects teens exclusively. I'll be looking forward to seeing how that continues to play out in the final installment of the trilogy.

Rating: 4/5

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