Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Army of 3:59

It's time! The Army of Ten has been taken over. It's now The Army of 3:59!

The Army of TEN

Here's the info:


The Army of Ten blog has been commandeered. It is now the Army of 3:59.

For reasons you will soon understand, we have kidnapped author Gretchen McNeil and replaced her with and alternate universe version of her – a doppelgänger. The real Gretchen McNeil is being held in our universe, a world similar to your own, yet very different.

In order to secure the release of your Gretchen McNeil, we have set up a series of ransom demands where you can earn prizes, as well as points toward the release of the real Gretchen McNeil.


All ransom points must be submitted by Friday, November 1st along with a local book store of the ransomer's choice. The two ransomers with the highest accumulation of points will have the real Gretchen McNeil reprimanded to their custody.

Let us repeat: Gretchen McNeil will appear at a book signing in your home town. 

Two winners will be chosen for this prize, continental U.S. only.

One international winner will receive a Skype visit with the real Gretchen McNeil.

Don't delay. Gretchen McNeil's time is running out…

Head over to the Army of Ten page above to start and mark your calendars, 3:59 hits shelves on September 19.

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