Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Succubus Blues - Richelle Mead

My first book in the League of Reluctant Adults Mini-Challenge (hosted by Literary Escapism). And she's part of the Seattle contingent as well (remember, I'm pretty sure they're doing something to the water up there to have so many urban fantasy authors in one spot -- or maybe it's Cherie Priest's husband. I hear he makes a mean coffee.).

Anyway, I finished up Succubus Blues, first in the Georgina Kincaid series, yesterday. It was super fun! Georgina is really a lovable character, in my humble opinion. Definitely interesting enough to carry a series (and there's five books as of March with another due out next year).

Georgina is a succubus who has somewhat tired of the game. A deal she made long, long ago left her tempting men into sin and drawing their energy and souls for the dark side. It's a job. Nowadays, she works in a local bookstore pining over her favorite author, Seth Mortensen. But she's given up on love and dating, which has become something of a problem lately. Mortensen himself shows up in town, setting down new roots and hanging out at Georgina's store. Then, she meets hottie Roman, a guy who is determined to make her break her no dating vows. Add to that the fact that there's a supposed vampire hunter on the loose and Seattle is becoming a little less boring for our succubus. But not in a good way.

Fun times and a super fast read. Another for the "couldn't put it down" stack!

At first, I was afraid that this would be just another of the usual stuff in urban fantasy these days. I've only read one other succubus book, but when the vampires and everything else started showing up, I had my doubts that this would stand out amongst the many, many uf books on the market. Have no fear, reader. Richelle Mead definitely has an original twist that will satisfy urban fantasy fans from hardcore all the way to fringe (occasional readers of the genre). Now I'll have to order the next two books to satisfy my curiosity about what comes next for Georgina!

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