Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pre Pub Book Buzz -- The Dead Travel Fast by Deanna Raybourn

I'm attempting to do some marathon reading today to make up for my Bioshock 2 hours. Yes, I admit that occasionally I become totally addicted to certain video games and have been mesmerized by Bioshock for the past week -- I've almost beat it, I think.

So after tearing myself away from it this morning, I sat down to read and clear out some of the TBR and review stacks.

I've just finished Deanna Raybourn's latest, The Dead Travel Fast, which is due out March 1. Raybourn, you may know, is the author of the amazing Lady Julia Grey novels, a series of Victorian mysteries with a delicious gothic tone. And The Dead Travel Fast takes that to yet another satisfying level.

The story concerns Theodora Lestrange, an orphan raised by her grandfather and determined to earn her way as an author. When, just a short time after her grandfather's death, Theodora receives an invitation to visit a school friend at her family's castle in Transylvania, Theodora knows that this might be just what she needs to inspire her novel. And she couldn't be more right. The villagers' strange superstitions and the dark and crumbling castle are exactly what she needs to begin writing her book. And Count Andrei, her friend's supposed betrothed, is a dark and handsome man that would play the perfect role of hero in a gothic romantic horror. But when events at the castle begin to resemble fiction more than real life, Theodora must decide whether to flee or stay and see this story through to the end.

A totally satisfying read in so many ways. You all know that I absolutely adore gothic tales and from the beginning I knew that Raybourn would not let me down. A great interlude from the series and I hear that she's hard at work on a new Julia Grey book as we speak (I can't wait!).

So mark your calendars for March 1 -- Silent in the Grave, Silent in the Sanctuary, and Silent on the Moor are all available now.


Cheryl said...

So glad to hear this book is good. I have it on my wish list. I have enjoyed all the other books in this series.

Jenn's Bookshelves said...

I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this one. I love the series!