Monday, February 8, 2010

Greywalker - Kat Richardson

My second book in the League of Reluctant Adults Mini-Challenge (hosted by Literary Escapism). And yep, Kat Richardson is also from Seattle!

Greywalker hit shelves in 2006, launching the Harper Blaine series. There are now four books in the series (Poltergeist, Underground, and Vanished). Book five in the series, Labyrinth, is due out in October.

After being attacked on the job, PI Harper Blaine is technically dead for two whole minutes. When she wakes up, she finds that she's seeing some strange things. Sure that it's a side effect of her injury, she returns to the hospital where she's told that she's not entirely wrong. Turns out Harper is a Grewalker: able to see and walk in the world between ours and death. But Harper hasn't learned how to control her ability and has a tendency to slip at inopportune moments, something that could cause more than a little trouble in her day to day life. Meanwhile, Harper has been hired to work two cases. In the first, she's supposed to track down an organ for a man who claims it belonged to his family and went missing after shipping to Seattle. Her second case seems like a simple missing persons at first: find a local college kid who's been avoiding his mother for the past 6 weeks. Neither case is that simple, however, and both will force Harper to further develop her Greywalker ability or possibly die trying.

I enjoyed my first Kat Richardson and am going to be picking up book two shortly. I did think, though, that there were some first book issues, mainly in that there is so much to establish with a new series that is different from what's out there. I didn't find that the story necessarily suffered for it -- it wasn't slow or bogged by details -- but I did find myself wishing there was more on the Grey and Greywalking in this first book. It's a series, it'll all be there eventually : ) I also found myself much more interested in one of Harper's cases than the other. Might have been my current reading mood, though, so I'll leave that for you to decide.

Overall, an interesting read and definitely some new elements in the genre.


Cheryl said...

Good to hear your thoughts. I have this book on my tbr shelf

Vickie said...

the Grey and the Greywalking both start showing up pretty much immediately in the second one. Glad you enjoyed this.