Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs -- Molly Harper

My third book in the League of Reluctant Adults Mini-Challenge (hosted by Literary Escapism).

I picked up Molly Harper's Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs while browsing at the bookstore one night. You know, money to burn (not) and space in the ever growing TBR stack up for grabs! Who am I kidding? Spur of the moment shopping is my forte. I'll gladly splurge on books and eat bologna and ramen for a month if that's what it takes!

Jane Jameson was just fired. And after all of her efforts to make the children's section at the Half-Moon Hollow library great. But that doesn't matter. To add insult to injury, her severance is a gift certificate for $25 at the local Shenanigans. After enough electric lemonade to leave her totally toasted, Jane lucks into meeting Gabriel Nightengale. But on Jane's drive home, her car gives out, leaving Jane to make it home on foot. Then, as if the night wasn't a total wash already, some bonehead local mistakes her for a deer and shoots her! Jane awakens to find that Gabriel did come to her rescue, but she was already a goner. So now she's a vampire, unable to keep down solid food and looking for a new job with some major limitations. On the bright side, her skin has never been better. But how does a newly undead break the news to her folks? As Jane navigates her way through her new existence, someone else has made it their goal to make things as hard for Jane as possible. But when Jane is framed for murdering a fellow vamp, telling her parents that she's changed to an all liquid diet is no longer the toughest part of her new life.

I love it! Funny and fun. Definitely a must for Charlaine Harris fans. And yet another author added to the "Must Buy" list. Make that the "Must Buy Immediately" list.

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Cheryl said...

I hae been eyeing this series. Now I will have to purchase the books