Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stupid Becky!

I lost my book last night. Not sure how, but I lost it. Or not! I spent all day looking for it. I wasted valuable reading time searching only to find it late last night -- on my freaking bedside table!

I think my brain is turning to mush people! And what is this gem that I was so desperate to recover? Vicki Pettersson's latest Signs of the Zodiac book, City of Souls. I'm kind of reading ahead and still hoping I can catch up this week, mushy brain and all.

I realize, though, that I've only posted here about her very first book, The Scent of Shadows, the fabulous opener to this 100% original urban fantasy series. So, here's the link to that one, and I thought I would take this opportunity, just a week or so before book 4 hits shelves, to tell you about the others (and get you to run out and buy them, as usual).

So, the second title, The Taste of Night, continues the tales of Zodiac Troop 175, paranormal division, Las Vegas. Here's my review from the BB archives:

The Las Vegas Shadow troop has been awfully silent since the events of The Scent of Shadows. Joanna Archer knows that they are preparing for something big. As the Kairos, a star sign of Zodiac legend who is equal parts light and dark, Joanna fears that revealing what she knows will put her position in the troop at risk. Zodiac legend states that the Kairos will choose to fight for either light or shadow and that in choosing she will determine the outcome of the war. Joanna’s father, the Tulpa - a being brought into existence through thought alone - leader of the Shadows, believes that she can be turned. The leader of Troop 175 fears that this may be the case if Joanna cannot learn to control her Shadow abilities. When the Shadows unleash a terrifying virus on the citizens of Las Vegas, Joanna is finally forced to disclose her knowledge of the plans. Her admission leads to her exile from the troop. Now, Joanna must fight alone to save the people she loves and once again earn the trust of her team. Pettersson has created a brilliant mythology to support her Zodiac series. As each new part of the legend is revealed the story becomes more and more intriguing. Part X-Men and part Heroes, this series is incredible and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Readers who enjoy urban fantasy (who doesn't!?) shouldn't miss this series. It's tops on my list of favorites -- the plot and characters really stand out for me.

Mike and I are still house hunting. I've got to run and see another today (and still get my work done and still try to stay on track with the diet thing). Hopefully I can squeeze some nice, relaxing reading time in as well.

Remember, this is the second book in the series they are, in order:

Scent of Shadows
Taste of Night
Touch of Twilight
City of Souls

You must read them in order. The story is too intricate to skip around, just fair warning.

Happy reading!


Vickie said...

Gotta get book 3! I do love this series.

Vickie said...

And don't feel bad.....you were in touch with your inner blonde chickie.

= D

Cheryl said...

I am back!

Never heard of this series but I will have to check it out.

Happy House Hunting