Saturday, June 20, 2009

Making Progress!

I'm losing! Yay! I have to tell you, this is freaking hard and I really hope that I'm able to stay on top of eating better after this. I do not want to go through this all again!

Anyway, in between dreams about pizza and cheeseburgers, I did get some reading done this weekend.

I've been walking with my neighbor each morning and we got to talking about beach reads -- she's headed to Mexico, lucky gal, and was going to the bookstore for some books. It got me thinking about what I would take given the chance (I typically take too many books and finish nothing!) so I decided to do some beach-read posts for a bit with some recs from my reading past that I haven't yet talked about here.

First up is Casey Daniels. If you like chick-lit and/or paranormal mystery, then you need to check out this series. It's one of the more lighthearted ones out there.

Daniels's debut, Don of the Dead, introduces Pepper Martin, a society gal who's fallen on tough times. Her latest gig is as a tour guide at a local cemetery where she has the misfortune of bonking her head on a grave marker. After coming to, Pepper realizes that she can now see the dead, and they want things from her. Gust Scarpetti will become Pepper's first undead "client" in this hilarious series. He's the mob boss whose grave Pepper fell on and he's pretty anxious to find out who did him in.

This is the first in the series and hit shelves back in '06. It's followed by The Chick and the Dead, Tombs of Endearment, and Night of the Loving Dead. Pepper is a hugely likable character a la Stephanie Plum -- a little klutzy and very gutsy -- and each new installment is just as entertaining as the last.

It's summer (official as of tomorrow even though it's cold enough here to trick you), even if you don't get a vacation, treat yourself to some fabulous reading! Plus, the fifth book in this fun series hits shelves in October, just in time for Halloween reading, so you might want to start now and catch up.

Alright. I'm going to treat myself to some popcorn and an old movie and try to relax for an evening before I get back to the house-hunting and dieting adventures tomorrow. Wish I had a Coke instead of lemon water to go with it. Agh!


Kristie said...

Yay on the losing weight! Congratulations! I know it is such hard work, but you are sticking with it and losing it slowly is the best way to do it to keep it off. Keep it up!

Becky LeJeune said...

Thanks, Kristie! I'd still die for that Coke right now, though (and I'm from the South so that includes every artificially flavored, caramel colored beverage out there! I can't stand the diet stuff so it's off the list for now). I'll have one on my b-day, we'll just see how much comes off before then.