Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hafta Share...

Of course everything I post here is something that I just feel like I NEED to share, but today, because I'm really procrastinating as far as work is concerned (hey, I've been very productive so far, but I'm losing momentum) I'm in the mood to tell you about this fabulously fun read: Personal Effects: Dark Art by J.C. Hutchins and Jordan Weisman.

I received an e-mail about this book, asking if I was interested, and it really piqued my curiosity (thanks to Katy Hershberger, btw, for sending this to me). Here's some of the info she sent:

Not only is this a “transmedia experience” that uses websites, phone numbers, and physical artifacts within the book, but the story is also told and promoted in innovative ways that are publishing firsts:


  • Video blurbs from some of the biggest names in horror, like the writer of the original Friday the 13th (Victor Miller) and the writer/director of the Blair Witch Project (Daniel Myrick): jchutchins.net/site/trailers/ 
  • Pre-release prequel fiction distributed as a free serialized audiobook
  • A mobile phone experience via Myxer.com--an exclusive part of the novel is told in ringtones, wallpapers, pictures, videos, voicemails, and more
  • Fans become part of the world by “committing” themselves to the mental hospital where the novel is set and submitting “patient” art and testimonials: jchutchins.net/site/the-brink/ 


Among the related websites (below), www.PixelVixen707.com, a video game blog written by one of the characters, is most popular. She gets thousands of hits per month and has already been asked to write for SuicideGirls.com… and she’s not even a real person.






I finished this just last night, forgoing my nightly Ambien way past my lately steady bedtime (trying to get a sleep pattern down). In fact, now that I'm done, I wish it had taken me longer! But, luck is with me. There's a prequel novella about Taylor's case with Spindle, the quilting killer, at JC Hutchins's website. The prequel, Personal Effects: Sword of Blood, would be a great listen before you begin this creative (chilling) multi-sensory experience, or (as I'm doing) to prolong the the fun. Here's the link to the audio of Sword of Blood.

Personal Effects: Dark Art comes in the form of a patient file with props (the patient's personal effects). Zachary Taylor (named for the president) is an art therapist at Brinkvale Psychiatric, aka The Brink. When Martin Grace, a notorious serial killer suffering from psychosomatic blindness, comes under Taylor's care, the young therapist is drawn into a troubling case that revives memories of his own mother's death. ID cards, birth and death certifications, personal notes, and photos all help to draw the reader into this strange mystery. Websites and phone numbers found in the text and the papers add to the experience and allow readers to follow the clues just as Taylor does. 

But even after all of this, I want more! Such an innovative twist on the reading experience. Personal Effects: Dark Art hits shelves on June 9, but the prequel is available now (for FREE!). So get your butt over to the JC Hutchins's website and check it all out. I'm going back to the audio now!

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J.C. Hutchins said...

Becky, you rock! Thanks for the kind comments and awesome review of "Dark Art." I'm particularly tickled that you're checking out the prequel audionovella "Sword of Blood," as well! Thanks so much!