Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ooh, Columbus Day, you messed up my rental queue!

Agh! I have a method with my mailing rentals. See, I like to watch a lot of movies and so I always have new releases at the very top of my list. Problem is you have to get a movie back just in time for them to be processing your return and sending out your new one on the release date, or else you get the dreaded "Very Long Wait" message. Seeing as how Monday was Columbus Day (normal people have to work that day!) and even though UPS ran, apparently the mail didn't, my War, Inc. has now been relegated to the gloomy depths of the "Very Long Wait" list with Run Fat Boy, Run. I'm still waiting. 

Somehow I've been messing up my list for so long that my movies are coming as a complete surprise. I've been working my way through Doctor Who: Season 1 when all of the sudden, just in time for the weekend (prime Who watching time) I get in The State Within. Going over my head, that one is. 

At least I had a movie to see at the theater this weekend. We checked out Quarantine Friday night and it was super good. In the movie, reporter Angela Vidal (played by Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter - and yes, I did expect her to Deb out, but she didn't) is shadowing a couple of firemen for the evening when they are called out to an apartment building. The call is medical rather than fire, but they can't imagine what waits inside. Before they know it, one of the firemen and one of the cops on scene have both been bitten by the very woman they are attempting to help. Then, they're all locked inside the building. Armed guards surround the perimeter and whatever has infected the old lady upstairs is making its way through the trapped people inside. Lights go out, mayhem ensues, the perfect making for a great horror flick. 

Director John Eric Dowdle is responsible for Quarantine but you may not know that it's actually based on Jaume Balaguero's Spanish film, Rec. Balaguero directed Sin Nombre (Nameless) and the American film, Darkness. He's also got a new movie out that for reasons still unbeknownst to me is not available here, called Fragile (starring Calista Flockhart). 

Ok, I'm going mess up my queue more in hopes of getting more Who (Doctor Who can save the world!).


Anonymous said...

Ugh! I am always on the LONG waiting list. I need to try out your method.

Icedream said...

My son saw this one last weekend and enjoyed it too. I am looking forward to seeing it but I usually wait for DVD's.

Cheryl said...

I don't do the movie list thing as I am pretty lucky that I live only abot 3 minutes away from a movie rental place