Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Hope I Am Not Getting Sick!

Couldn't sleep last night and so asked for help from some otc sleep medication. Woke up really groggy this morning and a little fuzzy around the ears. Figured it was the sleep stuff, though. Well, it's 10pm and the ears are still really foggy even after taking sudafed. Ugh! I really hope this passes without any other symptoms. 

Anyway. The Boulder Bookstore is celebrating its 35th anniversary and has some really great authors visiting town. Tonight Mike and a couple of friends and I went to see Neil Gaiman. THE Neil Gaiman! Super cool! I've not read through my whole Gaiman collection as of yet. I have read Stardust, Coraline, and Anansi Boys and the picture book Wolves in the Walls. Mike has been trying for ages to get me to read Good Omens, a book I am very much looking forward to reading but have never seemed to find the time. Neverwhere and American Gods are also waiting patiently in my TBR stack. 

Tonight, Neil read from his latest book, The Graveyard Book. If you've seen it (just out one week now) then you know it's being marketed as a kids/YA book. Gaiman told us that in the UK they have released two editions of the book, one that looks rather similar to the one here in the states and is aimed at an adult audience, and a second edition with a different illustrator that is being marketed to a younger audience. Brilliant in my opinion. Stateside, Gaiman fans seem to have no problem buying it as a "kids'" title. 

Because of the huge crowd, and no doubt thanks in part to a broken finger, Gaiman presigned stock at the event. He spent a good portion of the night reading the second half of the seventh chapter of the book - one chapter for each stop on the tour and filmed for your viewing pleasure. You can watch Neil read here

After the reading, we got to watch a teaser for the upcoming film adaptation of Coraline, due out in theaters in February. Dakota Fanning voices the heroine and Teri Hatcher is her mother and other mother! Super fun and supposed to be in 3-D. 

Before the event began, the BBS folks handed out note cards for fans to write questions on. After the Coraline preview, Gaiman picked through and answered things like (paraphrased):

What is your perfect writing atmosphere? - Anyplace without the internet... Gaiman also revealed that he used to be a night writer, until he quit smoking and drinking coffee. 

Do you write for kids or adults in mind? He answered mostly writes with himself in mind - himself as the audience. 

What's your favorite breakfast? Yes, earned some deserved jokes from the author. He did say cheese omelets, made by himself, are his fave. 

He talked about his work with Who Killed Amanda Palmer and Mirrormask. Other things, other things... honestly, I'm totally beat. Can't remember. 

National Novel Writing Month - apparently last year Gaiman wrote a pep talk/speech for participants. He revealed that while working on The Graveyard Book he went back and reread the speech himself. Quite a few authors participated this year and last and you can check out the pep talks here

Um... I have to confess, I am trying to write this while listening to the audio of Gaiman being interviewed by his daughter Maddie (fun stuff on his website). 

Great event. If you have a chance to go see Gaiman at any point in time I would highly recommend it. Check out the readings above. Read more of Gaiman's musings at his own blog. Oh, and Harpercollins has this great browse inside feature. You can check out Graveyard Book and even backlist titles

So, have fun, explore, and check out Neil Gaiman's world. And if you're in or around the Boulder area, here's the link to other upcoming events at the Boulder Bookstore. 


Jenn said...

I hope you feel better soon! I haven't been fortunate enough to check out any of Gaiman's work but that's definitely an author I want to check out!

Cheryl said...

That is so awesome that you got to met Neil Gaiman.

Yes get better soon

Cheryl said...

Forgot to mention I gave you an award on my blog

Anonymous said...

Hope you aren't getting sick either! That's no fun. :(