Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You Might Not Have Known...

... that Harlan Coben is a really funny guy. Sure, we all know he writes some of the best page-turners out there, but if you haven't read his Myron Bolitar books, well, you just don't know what you're missing. 

(I know I highlight a lot of older titles here. It's mainly because I review all the new ones over at Bookbitch.com. But what if you go over there and read a review for a really great book and find that it's actually like tenth in a series? Plus, when you find an author who does have a big backlist of existing books, it's like finding buried treasure!) 

Back to Harlan. Although the fabulously wonderful Tell No One launched Coben into the bestselling stratosphere, he was already an established author with a series of books under his belt. 

Myron Bolitar, a sports agent and sometimes PI, first popped onto the reading radar in 1995 with Deal Breaker. In the first of the series, Myron is about to sign a college football player set to go pro when the guy's ex shows up. Sort of. See, years before, the player's girlfriend disappeared. Now, a magazine with some racy photos of her shows up and Myron has to figure out what's going on before his guy's reputation is totally ruined. Nevermind the fact that he thought his girlfriend was dead and is looking to Myron for a little moral support. 

I know, I know. You're thinking, but I'm really not into sports, how do I know I will like this? Because I say you will. Just kidding. The combination works, though. You find out that Bolitar was a pro-basketball player ... for about five minutes before he blew out his knee. Needing to find an alternate career path, Myron and his yuppy ninja master buddy Win do some off and on work for the feds. Now, all growed up and graduated, Myron represents kids like him and Winn helps pick up the pieces when Myron pisses people off. 

Myron also appeared in Promise Me, which was essentially a stand-alone thriller. 

Now, I've met Coben and he really is more like his Myron books in person. He's not brooding or dark. Nope, he's hilarious! To give you a clue, I used to equate this series to the closest you'd get to a male Janet E. 

There are seven books in the series (not counting Promise Me) so if you find yourself looking for something to read before Long Lost comes out in March (and drum roll, it's going to be a new Myron book - not sure if it'll be like Promise Me or closer to the series) and you've been contemplating reading these, do yourself a favor and go pick up Deal Breaker and a couple of Yoo-Hoos (Bolitar's drink of choice) and have some fun!


Michele said...

Thanks!!!! I love getting new series to read and this sounds like a fun series to read. I will be adding it to my lists! And I enjoy reading about older books. They are just as good to me!

Cheryl said...

I enjoy you featuring books that start a series that way if I have not read the series yet I know what book to start off with first.