Saturday, August 30, 2008

Plans for the Weekend

I've been a bad obsessive fan lately. Normally when a new King book hits shelves, I drop everything until I'm done reading. Not so this time. I just haven't had the opportunity to read it just yet. After Lisey's Story, I was super excited about this one. I even read the short story in Blaze, just not the book yet. I'm hoping I can do it this weekend, though. I have some reading to catch up on, but I think I can squeeze this one in. 

My other is planning on camping this weekend so I should have plenty of time to myself (if only he would take our roommate with him! then I can have peace and quiet). 

Other things on my list to do this weekend, around getting some work done, that is, are:

Babylon AD and/or Death Race. Babylon started this week and I've been waiting to see if it was actually going to come out here. I've found that too many movies lately are being relatively well advertised and then just not getting distribution in my area. It's maddening. I feel like I really can't get excited about any new movies because I may have to wait until they come out on DVD to see them. Just this past weekend, when I saw Mirrors, I saw previews for Quarantine and Blindness and I had to tell myself not to be surprised if neither of them plays anywhere near me. 

Movie rant:

Trailers for Pathology, Possession, War, Inc., Midnight Meat Train and so many others have been getting a good bit of play even in the theaters that haven't ended up carrying them. With the exception of Possession all of these are due out on dvd shortly. None of these were low budget. Pathology stars Heroes Milo Ventimiglia and was pushed back twice. War, Inc is the new John Cusack movie - hm, Bangkok Dangerous still appears to be coming out in theaters (new Nick Cage). Day of the Dead and George A. Romero's latest, Diary of the Dead never played around here, either.

So, will I be seeing Quarantine in October or will I have to wait until the dvd release? Good question. Is it too obscure - no big names in it. Dexter's sister, Jennifer Carpenter, stars. Is Blindess too smart to play around here? We lost our nearest artsy theater and the HUGE chain theater that was playing foreign and arty films has now elected to have half the screens devoted to, um, Disaster Movie instead of playing something a little smaller. It's super frustrating. 

Ok, rant done. So yeah, movies and books. That's the norm for me on the weekends. 


Cheryl said...

I have not read Duma Key and I don't know if I want to. Probably wait to hear what you thought of it.

Have fun at the movies

Becky LeJeune said...

So far it's reading like Lisey's Story. It's really sucking me in!