Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's a bleak, bleak future!

Last year I read and reviewed Lee Jackson's Redemption for the hardcover release. This year, Dorchester publisher is releasing the paperback and I wanted you all to be ready. The release date is set of September 30 - I know I'm jumping the gun here, but when I saw that it was coming out, it starting niggling at my brain.

Here's my review from the Bookbitch.com archives:

Benjamin Xavier Trinity is on his way to a government mandated job when he is waylaid by a snowstorm. He lands in Redemption, Montana, population 200. Carlene Ryton offers Ben a position as an all around handyman and café worker at the Grinnin’ Bear Café. Here, Ben endears himself to the townsfolk, doing favors and helping out wherever needed. The folks know he’s an ex-con, they just don’t know the whole truth behind his record. Ben is a convicted terrorist, a man whose past will forever hover around him like a black cloud. He was never given a chance to defend himself and never given a fair trial, but he will be forever marked by the most hate inducing crime known to man in this day and age. In this future America, gas and supply shortages are a regular occurrence as a result of the war, and Homeland Security has become the most powerful law-enforcing agency in the country. Ben defends his innocence, but is there anyone left who will listen in this bleak future? This harsh incarnation of America is not too far off the mark. Jackson’s tale reveals a slew of truly scary prospects that will burrow into readers’ consciences.

I'm a big fan of almost anything that takes place in this sort of setting. In fact, for some reason post-apocalyptic stuff is especially intriguing to me. Jackson's title is not quite PA, but it's definitely a rough future that's brought about by poor decisions. It creeped me out in all honesty. The idea that Americans have become so suspicious of one another that Trinity's plight has become a realistic issue (no, we're not quite that far gone, but you have to admit...). Anyway, mark 9/30 on your calendar, or pre-order it from Amazon - you know you want to!

Anyway, I think I might stay in this vein of recs for a bit. I read most of Marianne Mancusi's Razor Girl last night and it's a PA novel, so I'm in the mood!

And, I accidentally left it off of Sunday's post, but Dexter season 2 is out on DVD today! Couch potato land here I come!


Cheryl said...

Cool. I will have to check this one out

Becky LeJeune said...

Oh you should totally check it out, Cheryl. I really didn't want to post this so early, but it's been on my mind for a few days now and I just couldn't resist. Hopefully it sticks with you until the release next month!

Icedream said...

After reading this review I ran to my library online catalog to see if they had the hardback copy. No dice! And I am supposed to be on a ban on book spending challenge! I guess I will have to read those challenge books fast because I want this book! :D