Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Everyone's Favorite Serial Killer is Back!

No Spoilers (even if you haven't seen season 1)!

Not being one of those folk who has the funds to justify subscribing to Showtime, I spend a year waiting in antsy anticipation for Dexter and his next DVD release. Thank God my other is as determined as I am in terms of getting his hands on the show. He promised to buy the set for me and he came through! He had to go to a couple of places before finding it since everyone was sold out, but get it he did!

It took us two nights to watch all 12 episodes. Alas, now we will have to wait another year for season 3. 

Season 1 was based on Jeff Lindsay's hilarious debut, Darkly Dreaming Dexter. After that season, however, readers of the series should know that the show is no longer following Lindsay's storylines. Nope, season 2 goes off in its own direction. There are a few things that I wish they would have kept from the books, one event in book 2 specifically, but I'm guessing that even network television doesn't want to push it and go there. There's still time, though. 

Now, I know some have issues with the subject matter of the show. When season 1 was going to be played on CBS, family watchdogs were in an uproar about the show's glorification of a vigilante serial killer. I don't care. I love Dexter! 

If you're a tv on DVD person (no commercials and no waiting week to week to see if a new ep is on) Dexter is a real treat. Each season has one running storyline and even though there's only 12 eps each, it's easy to sit and watch big chunks and not feel too guilty about it - I doubt anyone can sit and watch one episode! Plus, since the show only followed one book even fans of both (like me) can be surprised with where the show is heading. Some character deviations are inevitable at this point, but I didn't have too much issue with season 2. I think my one resolved itself pretty well and added some interesting friction. 

Go rent it tonight! 

One negative, however, the E-Bridge technology special features which claim that you can watch complimentary episodes of other Showtime shows does not appear to work. I can't get it to work and I've found multiple postings online that say they couldn't get it to work either. And so, the only special feature is the inclusion of 2 episodes of Brotherhood. Apparently you can watch a free Dexter season 3 ep on the upcoming Brotherhood dvds. I think I'll wait a year rather than have a taste and then have to wait anyway. 

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