Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pre Pub Book Buzz -- The Barbary Pirates by William Dietrich

If you're a fan of historical adventure a la Indiana Jones, then you should be reading William Dietrich. The Barbary Pirates, the fourth Ethan Gage adventure, hits shelves on March 30.

I've got lots of info for you on this one, starting with some stuff from the press release:

Dietrich’s newest THE BARBARY PIRATES (on-sale: 3/30/2010) will not disappoint – the book features pirates, and lots of them, and takes his characters from Paris to Santorini, to Tripoli. During the roiling era of Napoleon’s reign, American adventurer Ethan Gage is in a desperate race with the Barbary pirates —and with his Egyptian Rite nemesis Aurora Somerset — to rediscover and control the mirror of Archimedes: an ancient super-weapon that legend contends burned a Roman fleet. In 1802, this death ray could tip the balance of power in the Mediterranean, and Ethan must stop the pirates from using it against American, English, and French fleets.

Beginning in Paris, the dashing Gage, with the help of real-life scientists and engineers, must not only rescue his former lover Astiza; he must also save the three-year-old son he didn’t know he had. Astiza and Gage’s enemy, Aurora, find themselves in a fight to the death, while the infant United States Navy tests its mettle against Tripoli.

Delivering the fast-paced adventure, uncanny wit, and page-turning historical excitement that readers have come to expect from the masterful William Dietrich, THE BABARY PIRATES is Ethan Gage at his winningest, most hilarious, and most death-defying!

And here's what PW had to say:

Dietrich's fourth entry in the Ethan Gage series (after The Dakota Cipher) continues the high-octane saga of the intrepid diplomat during the reign of Napoleon. Our hero is in Paris with his three “savant” friends, British geologist William Smith, French zoologist George Cuvier, and fellow American, inventor Robert Fulton. Napoleon dispatches the quartet to chase down the rumor of the fabled mirror of Archimedes, a fantastical prop straight out of science fiction that can emit a death ray. Things turn sticky when Gage's old arch nemesis, the Egyptian Rite, a ruthless cabal out to rule the world, joins the race to grab the death ray for their own evil designs. On his perilous journey from Paris east across the Mediterranean Sea, Gage meets up with British femme fatale Lady Aurora Somerset, Egyptian lover Astiza, and, of course, the savage Barbary Pirates. His quest takes him aboard Fulton's submarine, steaming into the exotic port of Tripoli to a violent, if far-fetched climax. A heart-stomping pulpy yarn, Gage's narrow escapes, hardboiled banter, and unexpected surprises ensure Dietrich's imaginative page-turner will enjoy a long and lively run.

If that's not enough to get you chomping at the bit, Dietrich recently sat down for an interview on Seattle's KCTS, which you can watch here: http://www.williamdietrich.com/pressroom.htm

If you want to check them out from the beginning they are (in order): Napoleon's Pyramids, The Rosetta Key, and The Dakota Cipher.

Happy Reading! And remember March 30, The Barbary Pirates.

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