Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Book Lover's Holiday

Apparently, today is World Book Day in the UK and Ireland. The site says that most other countries will have theirs on April 23. Not sure if that includes us as I've never heard of World Book Day, but it's certainly a day I can get excited about.

The book holiday was created by UNESCO as a celebration of books. Wonder if this means I should get my butt over to the bookstore to buy something. Nah. I think that would be a great excuse to blow some money that I don't have, but still an excuse. But I'll plan on doing so on April 23 if my local bookstores are getting behind the incentive of the day, how's that? And by that I mean if my locals are doing book donation drives as the UK and Ireland stores appear to be doing today.

For today, I'll simply commemorate the "holiday" with this post, letting all of you out there know that World Book Day exists and to do my part to help "...promote books and reading for the personal enrichment and enjoyment of all."

Wikepedia even has a listing for World Book (and Copyright) Day, though it only includes Spain and the UK and Ireland in their listing of how other countries celebrate. I like Spain's idea of a two-day readathon of Don Quixote. I've never made it through the Spanish classic once so I think two days would be a stretch for me.

I especially love this article from the Guardian and its various links. I find the whole idea of what the UK is doing with this day truly magnificent. I wish I could say that the US was doing something similar. I have to say thanks to Tattered Cover for posting the link on FB in the first place.

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