Monday, October 6, 2008

Oh, the rain.

In a talking mood today so this is a little different than my norm. More funny reads tomorrow. : )

I love the rain. I don't get to see it much since we moved, so I have to take advantage of it when I can. Today (Sunday) we had a pretty long rain for the first time in a while. It lasted at least a good 40 minutes and even had accompanying thunder. Still nothing compared to the torrential downpours we got in South Louisiana, but like I said, I'll take what I can get. 

Mike's been working crazy hours finishing up the movie and I've been home alone much of the time. Today was no exception. The roomie has been downstairs noising it up all freaking day long so I took my book over to Jason's Deli and read over a Fiesta Potato with chicken chili. Yum! Ate too much because the book was that good and I didn't want to leave!

Just to let you know what's on my plate (reading wise) I'm finally cracking Katherine Neville's The Eight and I am loving it. I hope some of you had a chance to check it out when I posted the link to the free online read. It's over now, but even if you read just a few pages it was enough to get you interested. I started reading last night and read about 100 pages in the tub. Alas, it's my extra read this week since I need to catch up to the upcoming sequel, The Fire. And yes, it was The Eight that prompted me to eat way more of that massively, must have been genetically engineered potato today. I'm thinking something really light and almost nonexistent for supper tonight!

When I got out of the tub last night, complete with raging headache, I stared reading an upcoming book called Final Exposure by Steve Carlson. Another fantabulous read that I hope I'll finish today. This was my rain read this afternoon as well. I'm really loving it so far and will definitely be posting something about it later.  

Also on my list to read this week are:

Flesh House by Stuart McBride, latest in his Logan McRae series. You might remember someone at the awesome Mysterious Bookshop in NYC recommended this series to me.

Poe's Children a collection of horror stories edited by Peter Straub. I have started this one and have read the first five or so stories. Some are great, some are utterly confusing, all I hope will be creepy and wonderful. 

Captives by Todd Hasak-Lowy, a debut that I am really looking forward to.

Of course there are tons of others on my To Be Read shelf that have been put temporarily on hold for the street date titles. I'll be keeping you all posted as usual and you can look for reviews of all the above titles at bookbitch.com next week (except Eight, Jack reviewed that one last week and it's up under last month's reviews if you're interested).

So now that you know how my reading week is mapped out (alas there will be work in between books, too!) I'd love for you to let me know what you're reading lately. I'd also suggest running out and buying The Eight if you find yourself looking for something to read. It's wonderful, fabulous, thrilling - how many other adjectives can I come up with for it? I don't know. It's just an absolute must read for anyone who likes the slew of literary puzzle books that have been hitting shelves lately. And though this one is 20 years old, it's not lost any of its appeal to modern readers. 

Oh, and a Halloween treat for myself, I just called and ordered up a copy of James Herbert's The Rats - a creepy creature feature written in the 70s! Hoping it will be a super fun guilty pleasure like read. 

Alright, going hang with the kitties and read some more. Desperate to get back to both Final Exposure and The Eight.


Cheryl said...

I have Flesh House on my wish list.

I have not read The Eight yet but I do have The Fire on my TBR shelf.

I recently read Six Seconds by Rick Mofina and enjoyed it a lot.

Currently reading Stray and Rogue by Rachel Vincent. I requested Pride and while I wait for it to arrive I am familarizing myself with the other two books and loving Stray so far.

Becky LeJeune said...

Oh, I love Rachel Vincent! I just got Pride in and am dying to read it. I have to prepare my review super early, though, cause my sisters are dying to read it as well.