Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Becky's Video Game Rant

I am a book person. Have always been a book person and don't foresee any change in that. I am also a movie person and an occasional music person (not thrilled with most of what's come out lately and so very picky on that front). One thing that is standard throughout all of these industries is the Strict on Sale date. Yes, new released movies, music, and books have a Strict on Sale Date that is pretty heavily followed throughout merchandisers. Occasionally you may find an SOS book that's being sold at Wal Mart before the bookstores will sell it, but it's really rare. 

The SOS date is very heavily enforced. People lost their jobs over opening Harry Potter boxes before the SOS date. Thing is, I'm not a big video game person. Every once in a while, though, I get really excited about an upcoming game that looks super cool. 

Here is where my rant comes in. Did you know that video games have a release date but that they aren't actually available to purchase on that date? WTF is the point in having a release date? I've been to three places today in search of Dead Space. Like my books and movies, Dead Space had a release date that was posted EVERYWHERE. Today, 10/14, was that advertised date. Nope, nada, nyet, nix! No game!

Apparently, in the video game industry, the release date is actually the date on which the game ships to the retailers. Wha? How does that make sense. You mean today is the "release date" of a game but nobody will have it in stock until their UPS delivery guy delivers it tomorrow? Then why in the heck wasn't tomorrow the official release date? 

Why tell people something is coming out when they can't even buy it yet? I'm sitting here, having a pretty damn bad day (writing this 10/14 and posting 10/15) and I want to kill some space zombies! But no, I can't. I have to wait until tomorrow. 

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Icedream said...

My son is on a rant too! Not so much the video game release date, but the movie release date. He wanted to see Bill Maher movie Religulous. It's release date was Oct. 3rd but it isn't showing up at any theaters. He is so mad.