Monday, January 27, 2014

The Fixer by T. E. Woods

Morning, everyone! Today I'm a stop on the TLC book tour for T. E. Woods's The Fixer.

The Fixer is the one you call for those special jobs. Things that need to be "fixed." Her services don't come cheap and you must adhere to her rules, and she can always refuse service. No repeat customers, a set amount of time between jobs, and a strict set of restrictions she sets on the jobs she'll accept are all designed to keep her anonymous, under the radar, and out of trouble. 

But the job has gotten tough for The Fixer and so she reaches out to Lydia Corriger, a psychologist who will soon find herself wrapped up in The Fixer's twisted world. 

The Fixer is T. E. Woods's debut as well as the kick off to her new Justice series. It's an exciting and fast paced thriller, but one that is on the graphic side - just a fair warning for any potentially more reserved readers out there.

As a debut the book is not without flaws. The main one is that while there is quite a bit of action throughout the book it does take a little while to really get to the meat of the story. And surprisingly, Mort Grant appears to become more of the focus of the series in the follow up. I say surprisingly because in this first installment he definitely takes a backseat to The Fixer and Lydia. I admit, though, that I'm quite excited to get more of Mort in the series follow up, The Red Hot Fix.

As a whole I found The Fixer to be an intriguing read. I enjoyed both Lydia and The Fixer very much as characters. Lydia is a psychologist who comes across much more real than some I've read of late, likely thanks to T. E. Woods's own experience as a clinical psychologist. And while I'm sure the real life job is much less exciting than Lydia's day to day might be, what with contract killers on her client list and all, she never comes across as overly exaggerated. Woods seems to have done a fine job of balancing the real with the fiction here. The Fixer in particular is an excellent character. A bit of a Dexter to be honest, someone who is much easier to sympathize with than to judge for her crimes.

The Fixer is one of the newest releases from Random House's new Alibi imprint, a digital line devoted to mystery and suspense.

Rating: 3.5/5

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Heather J @ TLC Book Tours said...

I certainly hope to never have the need for a Fixer in my life!

Thanks for being on the tour. ;)