Friday, January 3, 2014

Fugitive X by Gregg Rosenblum

A short and sweet one today as I'm still battling a raging cold. One of the handful of books I was able to finish this infected holiday season, though, was the follow up to Revolution 19

Nick, Kevin, and Cass have managed to escape the City but were unable to save their parents. They're headed to the nearest Freepost where they hope to reunite with Farryn and Lexi when they're separated. Cass is injured in a bot attack and Nick has no choice but to leave her to be picked up by the City's forces in hopes that they can cure her. Meanwhile Kevin is taken in by the Island, a group of survivors living behind a camouflaged wall and led by a mysterious leader who has a way with bots. And Nick ends up joining forces with a group of rebels while he tries to figure out a way to save his siblings.

Fugitive X picks up right where Revolution 19 left off and while it does provide some additional explanation as to what's going on in this new robot ruled world, the book does fall a bit prey to the sophomore slump: not much happens by way of moving the overall story along. 

Not that I cared all that much. The premise is one that I enjoy and the book made for a super quick escapist read. I liked returning to the characters and the world and while I had hoped for a bit more in the way of the overall story, reading the two books back to back definitely made them much more satisfying. I look forward to continuing into the third installment. 

Fugitive X hits shelves on January 7. 

Rating: 3/5

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