Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ex-Purgatory by Peter Clines

George Bailey is your everyday, average guy. He spends his days working at the local campus as part of the maintenance staff, cleaning up average college kids messes. He goes out with his best friend, Nic. He has average car troubles and average job troubles. But George's nights are anything but average. His dreams are plagued by the walking dead! They're just dreams, though, right? Then he's approached by a young co-ed in a wheelchair. Her name is Madelyn Sorenson and the story she has to tell him is weird to the extreme. Maddie is convinced that what George sees in his dreams is real! Certain Maddie's certifiable, George tries to go on as usual and when people from his dreams start to bleed into real life, he believes it's just a matter of not enough sleep. But the dream life begins to edge more and more into George's daily life and he finally starts to think that Maddie might be onto something after all. 

Whoa! I mean, WHOA! This fourth installment in Peter Clines's Ex-Heroes series is fan-freaking-tastic! If you've read the other installments then you realize that what Clines has done here is basically turned the whole story on its head.

It's really getting harder and harder to avoid spoilers in these and I don't want to give anything away. Nothing. Not one hint about what's going on in this one. And you definitely do need to read the books in order all things considered. Each new book plays directly off of the previous books, which works out awesomely in my opinion. Clines says he set out some clues in the previous installment and while in retrospect I do believe I caught at least one or two (with regards to Maddie and Christian), I must have missed every single one. I had no clue where this one was going but I was 100% along for the ride.

And given all of that, Clines has admitted that he's inserted some clues in this fourth book for a possible fifth installment as well. I sincerely hope it gets to see the light of day because I am certainly not done with Saint George, The Corpse Girl, or any of the rest of these guys!

Ex-Purgatory is filled with Clines signature witty and snarky prose packed with pop culture references and a levity that makes this zombies vs superheroes series a favorite in my house (hubs has been known to steal copies before I can get to them). They're super fun and super smart in my personal opinion!

Rating: 5/5

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