Monday, January 20, 2014

Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi

Readers have been waiting in GREAT ANTICIPATION for the final installment of Veronica Rossi's trilogy and it's almost here.

(Don't worry, my synopsis is quite vague so as long as you've read the first two books there shouldn't be any spoilers.)

After the downfall of Reverie, Aria awakens in the Tides's new home to find that much has happened while she was asleep. Hess and Sable have joined forces and are keeping Cinder hostage, with the knowledge that his control of the Aether will be the only thing that allows them to get to the legendary Still Blue. Aria's old Dweller friends are still keeping to themselves and many are suffering illness from having entered the outside. Aria knows they'll have to work together if they are to survive especially with the Aether storms growing more powerful and dangerous everyday. But first, she and Perry will have to try to save Cinder. 

I'm on the fence about this wrap up to the trilogy. I didn't love it but I did enjoy it. Part of it just seemed rather anti climactic after the build of the first two. I found the character development to be on the lean side in particular. One could argue that we already got plenty of Aria, Perry, and Roar in previous installments but this third book does introduce some new developments with regards to characters we've not really learned much about in previous titles. Sadly, there's little to no further development on anyone in the story here in this final release.

Much of the focus of the book is spent on rescuing Cinder. This is fine but - without giving anything away - it just felt as though a bit more time and energy could have been spent on fleshing out other aspects of the story as well, especially with regards to some of the BIG events and revelations that occur in this third installment. I also wanted to see more interaction between the Dwellers and the Tides. Instead, this is pretty much relegated to a few lines and Jupiter's help in flying one of the hovers (which I did appreciate).

I don't mean to knock the book too much. Overall Into the Still Blue was a fine installment and it did offer up closure to the series, but I wanted fabulous instead of fine.

Into the Still Blue is out next Tuesday, Jan 28.

Rating: 3/5

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Pabkins said...

Oh darn that must have been disappointing to you, to be unimpressed with the final book. I still haven't even started this series and really not in a rush to. I will read it someday I'm sure maybe when I'm retired? LOL