Friday, October 19, 2012

Vacation by Matthew Costello

Paterville Camp, where you and your family can relax -- or not.

A vacation is just what the doctor ordered after NYPD officer Jack Murphy barely survives an attack. His partner was killed by a group of Can Heads, roving bands of cannibals that have become an increasing threat since the water dried up and blight attacked the crops. But Jack isn't the kind of person who relaxes easily and something about Paterville has him worried. Sure it's surrounded by a massive electric fence and heavily armed guards walk the perimeter every night, but why does Jack still feel unsafe? It won't take long for him to discover Paterville's secret. But will he and his family survive this vacation?

What did I love about this book? It's fun! Plain and simple. It's dark and dirty fun in a semi post apocalyptic setting. The only thing that would have made this a more perfect read would be if I'd read it in a cabin in the woods!

Seriously, it's a pretty simple story and a really quick read but Costello's setting is fantastic in its simplicity. Then there's the added bonus of wondering what caused the Can Heads and the blight that's killed the crops.

Jack and his family are totally believable and I was rooting for the cop all the way. And Paterville's eeriness is not too blatant or overt, just barely more than implied and presented in a way that scratch at the back of your brain along with Jack's worries.

Based on the acknowledgements in the book, it sounds as though there's a screenplay for this floating around somewhere. I would actually love to see this become a feature length film. I think it would be a great one to watch!

Vacation does have a bit of a cliffhanger ending but no worries, readers, the sequel, Home, hits shelves on October 30 and I have it on good authority that it stands on its own as well as being a follow up.

As a bonus, Tor posted an except last year. You can find it here. Vacation is available in paperback and on audio.

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