Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stardust Gift Edition by Neil Gaiman

Oh! October 30 will see the release of the brand spanking new pretty gift edition of Neil Gaiman's Stardust!

The town of Wall sits between London and the land of Faerie. A wall is the only thing that separates this world from theirs. While walking Miss Victoria Forester - the prettiest girl in all of Wall - home one evening, Tristran Thorn spies a fallen star. He pledges to bring the star back in exchange for Victoria’s hand in marriage. He sets off on a journey that will take him into the land of Faerie. When he reaches the star, he is surprised to find that it is in the shape of a girl, Yvaine. The star escapes from Tristran and her mother, the moon, soon appears to him in a dream. The moon has requested that Tristran protect her daughter from those that would wish her harm. One of these is a member of the Lilim, a witch queen who wishes to tear the heart from Yvaine so that she may regain her youth. Yvaine is also being pursued by the remaining heirs of the Kingdom of Stormhold, one of whom will inherit only after retrieving a certain item she carries. 

Stardust is probably -- aside from Gaiman's children's books that is -- the most approachable story for a new-to-Gaiman-reader. It's a quick read and a really lovely fairy tale. (And, true to form, I much prefer the book to the movie adaptation -- though it is cute in its own right.)

While the PS edition is quite nice, this new gift edition is a clothbound hardcover and includes a brief new introduction from Gaiman. It also includes the author's postscript and "Wall: A Prologue" (both also in the PS edition) as well as an updated acknowledgements.

I have to say, with the upcoming holidays in mind this gift edition would actually make the perfect gift for any Gaiman fan! There's even a super collectible slip case edition, too.

I would also highly recommend treating yourself to Stardust if you've not yet read it. I still adore the old PS edition below as well if you're not ready to spring for the new hardcover.

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