Monday, October 22, 2012

Home by Matthew Costello

When we left the Murphy family in the end of Vacation, they were in a bit of a... pickle. This follow up picks up just before the end of Vacation and follows wife Christie and kids as they escape Paterville and move on to the next challenge.

Christie, Kate, and Simon narrowly managed to escape Paterville Camp, but they've made it. While they were away, though, it seems New York experience a massive power outage. The electric fences designed to keep out the Can Heads failed and their world is crumbling around them. As they make their trek home, they aren't sure what they'll find, but they hope it'll still be the haven husband Jack prepared for them. If their home has been compromised, Christie isn't sure what she'll do, but she knows that protecting her family is her number one responsibility. 

I've tried -- hopefully somewhat successfully -- to avoid any possible spoilers here for folks who have yet to read Vacation. It's a bit tough since Home is an immediate follow up, but I should point out that Home can essentially be read as a stand alone itself. There's enough of a recap from Vacation that you get the gist of what the Murphy family is facing and what's going on around them in this future world.

This one went a bit more Walking Dead than the previous installment. Much more of the family facing the outside world and traveling their way to some place safe.

I missed Jack. I really wanted more of him! It was nice to see Christie come into her own, though, since she's more of a background character in Vacation and now the one in charge in Home. Both of the kids get more page time as well and their growth is particularly fabulous.

It's pretty clear in the end of Home that there's much more to the Murphys' story and some really cool elements (not giving it away) are introduced in the end that should lead into a follow up. I've no clue how many books may be planned for in this "series" but I'll be along for the ride for sure!

Home officially hits shelves on Tuesday, October 30. Vacation is out in paperback now.


Jenn's Bookshelves said...

Your reviews remind me how much I need to read these books!

Becky LeJeune said...

Yes, you most definitely should! I forgot to mention in my post that this one is due out Oct 30 (it's in there now as well as this comment).

Anonymous said...

I really liked Vacation, but so far, it doesn't look like Home will be coming out in audio. This makes me sad.