Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Forgotten by Catherine McKenzie

I had to take some time off from my horror reading to get to Catherine McKenzie's latest. In truth, I spent much of last week and the weekend sick enough to be miserable and Forgotten turned out to be just what the doctor ordered, especially in the wee hours of my latest insomnia night.

Emma Tupper never wanted to go to Africa, that was her mother's dream. But her mother's dying wish was for Emma to travel to Tswanaland. She was supposed to be gone for just a month but an illness and then a tragic earthquake left Emma cut off from the outside world for a total of six months. Emma's return is something of a shock for everyone considering she was pronounced missing and presumed dead. Her apartment has been re rented and her possessions are gone. Fortunately, the new tenant is willing to help Emma out as she tries to set things right and rebuild her life. 

I love McKenzie's work! Her stories are amazingly heartfelt without being sappy and her characters are real -- Emma, Anne of Arranged, and Kate of Spin, are the kinds of girls I'd be friends with. I connected with each of them and sympathized with them all.

With Emma, I shared her frustrations and her sadness (yes, I teared up a little) as well as her elation over each accomplishment. I was left wondering how I'd react in her situation -- it's a scary prospect, being cut off from the world and facing the possibility of losing everything. I wonder if I'd reinvent myself, as Dominic suggests, or if I'd try to go back to life as normal. Who knows!

There's so much emotion and depth in McKenzie's tales. She's quickly become one of my favorite must-read authors this year. Each new book has been an absolute joy to read -- even at 1am with a ridiculously stuffy head.

Forgotten is already out in Canada and hits shelves in the US today. I can definitely, highly recommend it and I can't wait to see what McKenzie will do next.

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