Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stolen by Kelley Armstrong

I'm continuing my Women of the Otherworld catch-up reading!

This second in the Women of the Otherworld series finds Elena Michaels held captive by a reclusive genius intent on studying Elena and others like her. Elena is surprised to learn of the other races that inhabit our world. Even more surprising is the fact that these races band together to protect themselves from events like this one. While investigating a potential leak in werewolf intelligence, Elena meets her first witches: Ruth and Paige Winterbourne. These two coven witches are intent on alerting the weres of the danger posed by Ty Winsloe, an internet entrepreneur who is behind a string of kidnappings amongst the races. It is the Winterbournes' hope that the weres will join with them in their attempt to overthrow Winsloe and save the others. But it's only when Elena herself falls victim to Winsloe's whims that the Pack becomes involved.

Having skipped around a bit in the series, it's interesting now to return to the beginning and see how some of these characters were introduced. I love the different races that are included in the series and am glad that Armstrong expanded beyond the werewolves alone. While Elena and her Pack are interesting, the fact that almost each installment in the series focuses on someone new and introduces new elements to the world keep the series fresh and interesting.

Now, you guys should know that there's pretty much no way I'll get through the whole series before Thirteen releases, especially not now that I've read The Hunter and the Hunted especial!

This post Thirteen e special features two shorts and a sample of the upcoming finale in the series. 

In Stalked, which was previously printed in the collection My Big, Fat Supernatural Honeymoon, Clayton and Elena have finally taken a break and an official honeymoon. Clay's doing his best to make it as special as he can even if that means hiding the fact that a mutt is tailing them. If he can deal with the man on his own, Elena will be none the wiser. 

Off-Duty Angel finds Eve Levine on a special mission, tracking a shaman as a favor for Kristof. Then the shaman leads Eve to a potentially huge find and she's willing to do what it takes to make sure it's hers. 

And, of course, the teaser sample of Thirteen, the first seven chapters of the big, big series finale everyone has been waiting for. I couldn't help it. I had to dive in and now I'm waiting anxiously for the book to hit shelves so I can continue! Absolute torture!

You should know that Kelley Armstrong is running a promo on her site pertaining to the especial. I'm not sure how long it will run, but if you buy the especial and send her your receipt, she's got some special edition bookmarks. Check it out and remember Thirteen hits shelves on 7/24!

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