Monday, July 30, 2012

A Bad Day for Voodoo by Jeff Strand

Have you ever wished you could get revenge for some unfair or undeserved occurrence? Considering it's a Monday, I'd say quite a few of us have probably imagined paying someone back their due in response to some misdeed of one kind or another. Jeff Strand's story of revenge and voodoo is one I think ranks up there as a pretty perfect Monday read!

It wasn't fair that Tyler got a zero for cheating, especially since Tyler didn't cheat. But his teacher doesn't care at all and has no interest in even considering Tyler's side of the story. Tyler's friend Adam is ready to help plan the perfect revenge and comes up with what he thinks is a brilliant idea: a voodoo doll. Sure that the thing will never work, Tyler gives it a poke during class. The result is not quite what either of the teens expected. Instead of a sharp pain, the teacher loses his entire leg! Blood spurts everywhere and students are screaming and passing out. Insanity! Now Tyler has to see if the maker of the doll can do anything to help but before he can make it to the shop, he's waylaid by thugs, cannibals, a zombie, shootouts... complete and utter madness.

Strand's hilarious teen horror is quirky and unbelievably entertaining. I have no doubt that it will please his adult fans just as much as the teens it's intended for. A Bad Day for Voodoo is pure fun! I think Strand had to have had just as much fun writing this one as I did reading it. As the story progresses and becomes more and more ridiculous, I found myself laughing out loud and completely forgetting all the mess that had put me in a bad mood -- 'cause, yes, I did pick up A Bad Day for Voodoo in hopes that it would help alleviate some stress and tension and it most definitely delivered on all counts!

So if you're in the mood for some B-movie horror fun, A Bad Day for Voodoo is perfect... whether you're a teen or an adult.

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