Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Morning, everyone! I'm on the TLC blog tour for Carlos Ruiz Zafon's latest, The Prisoner of Heaven, a book I have been on the edge of my seat for. Unfortunately, my copy didn't arrive in time for a regular review post, so I'm going to do something a bit different here. Consider it a sort of Pre-Pub Post as well since the book officially hits shelves on July 10 -- and I want you all to be dying to read it by then!

Zafon made his US debut with the truly incomparable The Shadow of the Wind. This book is amazing  in depth and scope. It's a gothic tale for readers who love everything bookish and literary!

For his tenth birthday, Daniel's father takes him to the Cemetery of Lost Books. As a gift, Daniel must choose one of the books as his own - to read and keep and cherish. The book he chooses will change his life forever. La Sombre del Viento by Julian Carax takes just en evening for Daniel to complete. As any good reader does, Daniel goes in search of more works by Carax only to discover that the author is virtually unknown. But when someone begins seeking out and destroying any and all copies of Carax's remaining works, Daniel becomes obsessed with learning more. 

With Angel's Game, Zafon takes readers back to Barcelona with a sort of prequel to The Shadow of the Wind and now, The Prisoner of Heaven returns us back to Daniel and the aftermath of The Shadow of the Wind.

Here is the description from Zafon's site:

It begins just before Christmas in Barcelona in 1957, one year after Daniel and Bea from The Shadow of the Wind have married. They now have a son, Julian, and are living with Daniel's father at Sempere & Sons. Fermin still works with them and is busy preparing for his wedding to Bernarda in the New Year. However something appears to be bothering him.

Daniel is alone in the shop one morning when a mysterious figure with a pronounced limp enters. He spots one of their most precious volumes that is kept locked in a glass cabinet, a beautiful and unique illustrated edition of The Count of Monte Cristo. Despite the fact that the stranger seems to care little for books, he wants to buy this expensive edition. Then, to Daniel's surprise, the man inscribes the book with the words 'To Fermin Romero de Torres, who came back from the dead and who holds the key to the future'. This visit leads back to a story of imprisonment, betrayal and the return of a deadly rival.

Now, if you've not read The Shadow of the Wind or Angel's Game, I highly suggest running to your nearest bookstore and snatching up a copy of both. Dive in this weekend (because once you start you won't want to stop -- you'll want to clear your schedule completely!). I promise you... no, I swear to you that The Shadow of the Wind will be hands down one of the most wonderful reading experiences you will ever have. There are so many fantastic books in the world but every once in a while one will shine amongst all of the others, staying with you well beyond finishing the final page. The Shadow of the Wind is one of those books for me. 

If you have read Zafon's other works and are waiting on pins and needles for The Prisoner of Heaven, your wait will soon be over. Until then, check out this excerpt (also on Zafon's site) to tide you over until Tuesday.

Click here for more stops on the TLC Prisoner of Heaven tour and for more on Carlos Ruiz Zafon check him out on facebook and twitter (note, the tweets are Spanish).

Finally, if you're a Zafon aficionado or if you love the Shadow of the Wind books and want more of Zafon's work, the author has two YA titles out and a third on the way. They are: The Prince of Mist, The Midnight Palace, and The Watcher in the Shadows (2013). 

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