Thursday, July 26, 2012

Losing Clementine by Ashley Ream

What would you do if you had just thirty days to live? Clementine Pritchard is faced with just that question. In one month, Clementine will kill herself. She's got it all planned out, down to the nitty gritty details. She wants to wrap things up and she doesn't want it to be a burden on anyone.

Clementine has a history and challenges. But surprisingly LOSING CLEMENTINE doesn't become a big pity party or afterschool special. Ream's leading lady is snarky and funny and the book brings up some interesting questions in an unexpected way. It's hard not to love Clementine and Ashley Ream is definitely an author to watch!

I have to apologize because I apparently forgot to post this review! It's been sitting in draft form since I wrote it. (My Bookbitch review ran when I originally read the book back in March.) It's never too late for a book review and a reading recommendation, though :)

My reading has been a bit insane of late. I'm hopping around according to mood and reviews and formats (I now have an audio going for walks and such and I also have a brand new ereader that I've so far been using to read at night thanks to a dead bedside lamp and the fact that said device has a nighlight function). That and I've been spending a lot of wasted time watching crap on tv. Literally flipping channels. Ah well. It's a mood thing. My reading will swing back like it always does. I'm in the middle of a great short story collection at the moment, which always does wonders when I'm indecisive -- a little bit of this and a little bit of that is kind of perfect when I'm in a wishy washy state.

I've also got some superb looking titles in my TBR stack -- books suited for every mood and taste you can imagine.

For fellow moody readers, I'd say folks looking for a great quirky character driven novel will love Losing Clementine. It's a quick read that gives you a curious, and I've heard quite appropriate, look inside the mind of someone battling mental illness. And it's pretty darn funny throughout.

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