Friday, May 4, 2012

White Horse by Alex Adams

The weekend is upon us again! And you know what that means? I have a huge stack of books I'm planning to spend some quality time with over the next few days!

Nerd I may well be, but considering last weekend was spent with the A/C fiasco, next weekend we have plans to help with a recital event at a friend's dance studio, and the following weekend will be the beginning of kitchen mess, I think this will be the last quiet weekend for a while :)

If you're looking for something to dive into this weekend yourself, I have to suggest (if I could, I'd take you to the bookstore and put it in your hands!) Alex Adams's debut, White Horse. It's end of the world, post-apocalyptic horror/drama that will leave you reeling! It's that good. 

In the aftermath of a horrible outbreak, Zoe Marshall sets off in search of the father of her unborn child. 

White Horse killed off most of the population. The rest were either immune or changed by the virus. Zoe, a cleaner at Pope Pharmaceuticals before it all happened, has not only survived, but is also pregnant. As everyone around her succumbs to the virus, she travels to Europe, clinging to the hope that her lover may have survived. 

From the opening lines, Adams's voice rings clear through her words and her imagery is some of the best I've seen in ages. 

Look at me: I don't want my therapist to think I'm crazy. That the lie rolls off my tongue without tripping over my teeth is a miracle. 

"I dreamed of the jar last night."

"Again?" he asks. 

The leather squeaks beneath my head when I nod.

"The exact jar?"

"Always the same."

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White Horse is both horrific and poetic and is utterly amazing! And it's one of my top picks for 2012 so far, joining ranks with what have been some truly fabulous reads this year. I've heard that White Horse will actually be the first in a trilogy. If that's the case, I'll be anxiously awaiting the release of the next book. Either way, Adams has ensured herself a spot on my "Must Read" lilt from here on out!

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