Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Kingdom by Amanda Stevens

I love a creepy, atmospheric ghost story. Amanda Stevens's The Restorer, the first in her Graveyard Queen series, was a perfect example of a great chiller -- just the right mix of ghosts, mystery, and even romance. Suspenseful and dead on in every aspect. 

It was a while in coming, but books two and three in the series are now on shelves and I treated myself to them both just recently. 

The Kingdom, book two, finds Amelia Gray taking a job in Asher Falls, a creepy little town in South Carolina with a historic graveyard sorely neglected throughout the years. Asher Falls, named for the Asher family, has a strained relationship with their namesake thanks to the current patriarch's deal to sell land to the state back in the 80s. The land was used as a reservoir and anything on site was buried under water. To make amends, the Ashers donated Thorngate, the family cemetery. Amelia is forewarned but her reception in town is chilly beyond even her expectations. When she discovers a hidden grave nearby the cemetery, Amelia begins to dig around in the town's history, upsetting more than a few folks -- both living and dead. 

The Kingdom removes Amelia from Charleston and Devlin altogether. In the wake of events in The Restorer, it might leave some readers a bit miffed not to continue with the story they were expecting. I'd be willing to bet that by the end of The Kingdom, those same readers feel more than satisfied with the course of Amelia's story. 

I have to add that before diving into the final installment, The Prophet, I came across an interview with Stevens that mentioned not only the possibility of a tv series, but that she'd recently signed on for three more Graveyard Queen books. Happy dance!!! It was definitely something of a relief going into The Prophet and knowing that there would be more to come. 

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