Friday, May 25, 2012

More Like Her by Liza Palmer

It's Friday and it's a holiday weekend and that means lots of downtime for reading in my house! Always a welcome thing in my opinion. 

I've not settled on my weekend pile to tackle as of yet. I'm not even sure what I'm in the mood for, but I think it'll be a combination of things. It's times like this that the surprising reads are the best -- the genre crossover reads that I enjoy so much or the books with twisty unpredictable plots. Good stuff!

Liza Palmer's More Like Her was one of those reads. A completely unexpected turned on its head chick-litty read that reaches into a really dark place. 

How much do you really know about those around you? What secrets lie behind their public facades? This is essentially the story in More Like Her.

Frannie believes Emma Dunham, the new head of Markham, has it all together. Great job, great looks, great relationship... everything Frannie wishes she had in her own life. But when Emma's husband murders her at a school function, Frannie and her friends are faced not only with the truth about Emma's life, but the aftermath of surviving such a terrible tragedy.

Liza Palmer maintains a delicate balance between the horrors of spousal abuse and Frannie's self discovery. Entertaining and enjoyable seem inappropriate given the subplot of the story, but Palmer does a good job creating both a story that draws the reader in and a heroine that is ultimately relatable.

This was my first read by Palmer but I'll definitely be seeking out more of her work in the future. Another author to add to my To Read list for sure!

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Natalie said...

I tend to enjoy genre crossovers as well. I have to admit I've never read a book by Liza Palmer, but I might have to look into this one.