Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock

I've got the house to myself this weekend and am tackling the TBR and relaxing! I've got not plans (other than to hit the bookstore -- I know, I know! Shame on me! But I have a coupon!), read, and chill as much as humanly possible. 

Yesterday I started -- and finished -- Kathleen Peacock's debut release, Hemlock, the first book in the Hemlock trilogy. It would have been a one-sitting read had I not taken a break for a not so fabulous movie. But the book was good :)

A killer is on the loose in Hemlock and Mac's best friend Amy is just the latest in the string of murders. She was found in an alley after being brutally torn apart -- a chunk of white fur clutched in her hand. 

Ever since the werewolves outed themselves, Lupine syndrome has been on the rise. Anyone scratched or bitten is immediately sent to a rehabilitation camp. Since new werewolves typically can't control themselves or the bloodlust that strikes, it's human protection that's at the forefront of everyone's minds. And the murders in Hemlock further support the idea. 

Haunted by her best friend, Mac decides that she will investigate Amy's murder herself. Everyone knows that white wolves are especially rare and now that the Trackers have arrived in town, Mac can think of no better way to be rid of them and gain closure. 

A YA mystery with werewolves? Yeah, I was totally in from page one! The story is solid and Peacock's pacing is phenomenal. What's more, Mac and her friends are totally believable teen characters. 

There's also a hint of American Werewolf in London/Paris here with Mac talking to Amy (a hint). I liked that element as a way for Mac to work through different pieces of the mystery. Clever!

Atypical of the current trilogy trend, there's no real cliffhanger of an ending in Hemlock. Yes, I want to know what comes next and can't wait till book two comes out, but most of the loose ends are neatly tied up -- at least until the story continues. It was a nice sense of resolution even knowing that there's more to come. 

Peacock is one of the Apocalypsies (2012 YA Debuts) and if you didn't know, they've got a current set of contests going with 60 authors participating. Hit the link to take part and find out about some of the fantastic YA titles due out this year. 

Hemlock hits shelves Tuesday, May 8. 

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