Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pre-Pub Book Buzz: Green-Eyed Demon by Jaye Wells

Morning, folks! Trying to get back to routine (trying acupuncture today and hoping it might help with this extended bout of sleeplessness).

Yesterday was a necessary trip to the car dealership for routine maintenance - always love that - but I brought along a friend. While sitting in the sun waiting for hubby to pick me up to go get Snarf's, I was absorbed in Sabina Kane's latest adventures in Jaye Wells's Green-Eyed Demon (technically due out 2/22). As this is the third in the series, I hop you've been reading along, otherwise there may be SPOILERS!

If you want to start the series, here's my post on Well's debut, Red-Headed Stepchild.

When we last left Sabina in The Mage In Black, her sister had been kidnapped and Sabina, Giguhl, and Adam were concocting a plan to get her back. Now in Green-Eyed Demon, they've been sent to the Big Easy to track down Lavinia and her minions, and hopefully save Maisie from the Domina. But the queen vamp is in cahoots with a new enemy as well, The Caste of Nod, a group that bends all the previously known rules about Dark Races. With Halloween fast approaching, rumor has it Lavinia has something BIG planned and Sabina and friends are running out of time to save Maisie.

Love it! A little dirty humor, a lot of crazy action, and it's set in New Orleans this time around! (And Giguhl does manage to get some beignets.) I didn't finish this at the dealership, by the way. But I did finish it in one day. So far have resisted the pull of the first chap of book four since I know it will be a bit before it comes out.

You can read an excerpt of Green-Eyed Demon here at the Official Orbit page (and enter to win the series as well). You can read more about Jaye and Sabina and enter to win a fabulous prize pack over at Jaye's official page. And of course, there's an excerpt for book 4, Silver Tongued Devil, in the back of Green-Eyed Demon!


Vickie said...

Reading RED-HEADED STEPCHILD now and totally diggin' it. Can't figure out what made me wait so long to get to this! So much fun.

Becky LeJeune said...

Oh, it is a super fun series! My sisters love it, too.