Monday, February 28, 2011

A Chelsea Cain Weekend Reading Binge!

My TBR stack is a monster. I've got the best intentions with it, but obviously my eyes are bigger than my stomach in this case and I usually end up hoarding them away for the apocalypse. On average I would say I read 2-3 books a week. The books entering the house massively outnumber that! It's all good. Means I have lots to choose from and lots put away for a rainy day.

As you can see from this post on Chelsea Cain's debut, Heartsick, I never did get around to my initial binge read, but I remedied that this weekend. Only one new book since then, so I wasn't too much further in the hole.

Sweetheart had been patiently waiting and I finally snatched it up on Friday. What a ride!

This second in the series begins with the discovery of a body in Portland's Forest Park, a once-famous dumping ground for Gretchen Lowell. But since Lowell's been in prison and this body is definitely a bit fresh, there's no possible connection. Two more bodies are soon discovered and Detective Archie Sheridan finds himself facing down some pretty disturbing memories of his time with Gretchen and his search for the Beauty Killer. And when Gretchen escapes from prison, Sheridan is once again immersed in the Beauty Killer's twisted game. Meanwhile, Susan is not willing to let the current case slip by unsolved.

Obviously, as the title of the blog implies, I got in some good reading time this weekend. Sweetheart was a one-day, if not a one-sitting, read. I moved on to Evil at Heart on Saturday and will give you a breakdown tomorrow!

Eek, it was a dark and twisty reading weekend, but man it hit the spot! And with the fourth in the series, The Night Season, due out March 1, it was just in time!

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