Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Monday

Ack. It's Monday. Again. Comes around every seven days, I know. I don't get Presidents Day off (though my migraine probably thought I did, otherwise it wouldn't have hit me yesterday afternoon and not let up until about 5am). Even my computer seems to think that it has today off. Or maybe it's just cold.

I have an idea that may make your Monday better -- a contest! I've got one copy of Sara J. Henry's fabulous debut, Learning to Swim, to give away courtesy of the publisher.

Learning to Swim officially hits shelves tomorrow and I have to tell you, as someone who was lucky enough to read an early copy, this book is really fantastic. It's a psychological thriller of sorts that will keep you guessing until the end. And I absolutely loved the heroine, Troy.

The book begins when Troy Chance sees a bundle thrown over the edge of a nearby ferry. Convinced it's a child, she dives into the water intent on saving the child. She finds a young boy, tied in a sweatshirt, and drags him to shore. Certain it was no accident, Troy isn't quite sure what to do next. She wraps him in warm clothes and takes him home, knowing that a trip to the police station will either return the boy to his parents -- who may have been responsible for the "accident" in the first place -- or land him in foster care. As the boy warms to Troy, he begins to tell her his shocking story. Now Troy knows that she must figure out what's going on before the boy will ever be safe.

I have to say, I was intrigued by the synopsis of this one, but when it arrived on the tail end of my reading JT Ellison's latest, So Close the Hand of Death, sporting a blurb by Mrs. Ellison herself... and Lisa Unger, and Michael Robotham (among others)... I couldn't get to it fast enough! This book should come with a warning, you'll want to finish it in one go. I found it incredibly hard to put down. Henry's certainly going to make a name for herself with this one and, happy dance, according to her website, Learning to Swim will be the first in a series! Book two is tentatively slated for early next year.

So what do you have to do to win a copy? Just leave me a comment here with your email addy before midnight Friday, February 25. That's all. (US only please)

Good luck and happy reading! (Check out an excerpt here.)


Dan said...

You've got me intrigued. Enter me in the giveaway.


grumpydannyboy [at] gmail [dot] com

tetewa said...

First time hearing of this one, sounds good! tWarner419@aol.com