Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Thriller Suggestions: Linda Castillo Sworn to Silence

So I realized when doing my Saturday Pre-Pub post that I'd never posted anything here about Linda Castillo's first Kate Burkholder book. It happens. I typically review everything I read for BB and then post recs on the blog. Sometimes titles just completely slip my mind, though. It's not because I don't want to recommend them you guys, it's just because I can be flaky : )

So I thought I would do some themed posts, recommending titles for summer. I figure with book two coming out, and Sworn to Silence fairly new out in paperback, that this would be a good one to kick off my thriller suggestions.

Prior to Sworn to Silence, Linda Castillo was known for her romantic suspense reads. In Sworn to Silence, I think she stayed pretty true to her roots, while incorporating a much darker plot.

The book begins with the discovery of a body. A young woman who has been brutally murdered. The small town of Painters Mill is no stranger to violence, but the occurrence is pretty rare and this murder will remind people of a terrible series of crimes they'd rather forget. Sixteen years ago, Painters Mill was struck by a serial killer. Now Chief of Police Katie Burkholder was just fourteen at the time. Many believe this new murder is the act of the same man, but Katie knows different. She herself killed the man responsbile over a decade ago and she's carried the secret ever since. Everything about this new crime seems to point to the same killer, though. Now Katie must face the possibility that she killed the wrong man, and if that's true, then where has the real killer been hiding all this time? For Katie, hiding the truth about her past is becoming harder and harder as she tries desperately to solve this case.

I'd originally remarked in my BB review that this book is not for readers with a weak stomach. Fans of Chelsea Cain and Cody McFadyen are going to love Castillo, though!

This is a lock your doors and turn all the lights on read! My favorite kind.

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this book earlier this year and discussed it with my mystery group. Looking forward to book #2 soon. this one is a good one.