Friday, June 25, 2010

And Some Short Story Collections From the Archives

I have reviewed some fantastic short story collections since starting the blog and I thought I'd recap some of them here in case you were actually interested in looking for some of these for your summer reading.

Back in the beginning of the blog, I posted an entry about a thriller collection called Like a Charm edited by Karin Slaughter (you can see it here). This was probably one of the first collections by multiple authors that I truly fell in love with. Each story was loosely tied together by a charm bracelet. I loved the running theme and I loved the selection of authors inside, many of whom were completely new to me. This is one collection that will have you looking over your shoulder and checking the door locks! This is a fantastic one for you mystery and thriller fans.

Another great collection for mystery fans is Laura Lippman's Hardly Knew Her. This collection is broken into themed chapters and really show off Lippman's talent. If you've not read her, this would be a fantastic place to start. Lippman is known for her amazing stand-alones and her acclaimed Tess Monaghan PI series. You can read that post here.

For horror fans, Joe Hill's award winning collection 20th Century Ghosts is truly amazing. And it's really not all horror. Some of the stories are whimsical, some of them are downright chilling. All of them are amazing and show the depth of range of this author. I highly, highly recommend it. You can see my 20th Century Ghosts post here.

The New Dead edited by Christopher Golden is fantastic if you're a fan of zombie stories. Each author in the collection puts their own spin into this anthology of walking dead. I love it! You can read that post here.

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Just put LIKE A CHARM in my B&N (see our other booksellers) shopping cart