Monday, June 28, 2010

A New Release You Must Read!

In January, Allison Brennan debuted her new Seven Deadly Sins series with the release of Original Sin (pre pub post here). Readers were introduced to an amazing cast of characters each with their own reasons for being involved in the coming battle with evil. (Psst, the series really started with a novella in the 2008 release, What You Can't See.)

Moira, the daughter of a powerful witch, left the coven and came under the protection of a secret brotherhood of priests determined to defeat those like Moira's mother.

Rafe, kidnapped by the coven, has little memory of the events that led to his being saved by Moira. As the memories begins to resurface, though, it becomes clear that his knowledge is something the coven wants.

Anthony is bound by vow to fight against evil. His fear is that Moira cannot possibly have given up her old ways, especially after the death of this brother. The tension between Anthony and Moira makes for a great backstory and possibly some hint as to what will come.

Skye McPherson, sheriff of Santa Louisa, where it all begins, has never been one to believe in the supernatural, but her relationship with Anthony has thrown her headfirst into a world she never could have believed existed.

All of them will have to fight each of the demons released by Moira's mother and her coven. In Original Sin, it is the Demon Envy that plagues Santa Louisa. Now, in Carnal Sin, the Demon Lust has found its way to Los Angeles. A series of unconnected crimes is suddenly linked when a worker at the coroner's office finds similar markings she believes might be tattoos on three of the recent arrivals. She answers a call put out by McPherson that brings Skye, Rafe, and Moira to the City of Angels. Local officials are none to pleased to be offered "help" on their case and immediately begin to butt heads with Skye. As civilians, Rafe and Moira have a little more leeway to investigate, until they get noticed by the demon itself. Now they must prepare for a new battle and try to figure out how to stop another of the Seven before it's too late.

I love this series! Allison Brennan combines mystery, urban fantasy, and romance in just the right amounts to create page-turning thrillers with a fascinating interwoven mythology built on magical lore. I really can't wait to see what happens as each of the demons is revealed. Urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and thriller fans alike can all dive in and enjoy.

You don't have to have read the prelude novella, but you do need to read the books in order (Original Sin then Carnal Sin). As an added bonus, there is also a short story available on Brennan's website (link above).


Jenn's Bookshelves said...

I agree! This is a great series! I can't wait to pick up a copy of Carnal Sin!

Cheryl said...

I so need to jump on this series and start it.

I like Allison Brennan